Get to know the Tried and Tested Computer Programming Stuff

 Image Courtesy of phanlop88/

Image Courtesy of phanlop88/

Users of this modern era do not rely totally on one tool for developing their projects as they are provided with varieties of opportunities in their hands which makes them to take a wiser choice. Is there anyone who will not be impressed by the use of light-weight development tool that does everything for them? No right? Here are some interesting computer programming tools which have been rated the best for few of its functionality. Get familiarized with them.

Cloud connected Microsoft WebMatrix 3 tool

Though the objectives are vast, this tool preferred taking the development of multiple websites and maintains them in a single go. The tool is well known for providing a better access to the remote sites which were developed and are accessed in your local machines without any hindrance in performance of the system. Some of the identified key features are described as follows:

  • Any programming languages from ASP .NET, HTML can be implemented with the standards of web technology into this system. Guess what, it extends its support even more to develop Jqueries and certain other libraries.

  • The tool implements open source web apps and hence can be used anywhere and everywhere you like. There is no change in your budget.

  • This tool provides a pleasant feeling to the users and helps them to edit the web page without any difficulty and makes you feel as though you were making changes to your local site.


Though this computer programming tool is mostly used for children and early programmers to learn to program and create their own video games, this has been awarded the simplest and best programming tool ever created. Taking the student’s enthusiasm and teachers’ courage as the first step, the programming tool was developed to support and develop programs. It reduces the work of teachers and clarifies the doubts of students of all kind until they are clear with everything. The main objective of this tool is to make the students understand Data Structures, Event Handling, etc via the development of new programs and games on their. What are you waiting for? Grab it and start using it.

There is many such programming tools which are still alive unnoticed but packed with more of advantages. Few of them are Tortoise SVN, PERL, GNU TextUtils which always stays first in the “should be present” list.

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Controlling Complexity as a Software Developer Made Easy

Image Courtesy of cooldesign/

Image Courtesy of cooldesign/

Nowadays all businesses want to get the best technology equipment so as to win the business battle. There are many programming tools in the market, each having its own advantages and disadvantages for a software developer to wield. Still only very few programming tools manage to secure their place in the business world and many go as fast as they come. What do programmers look for in a programming tool?  Let’s see some of the top programming tools for a software developer and learn why they top the charts.

Cloud9 IDE

A tool, exclusively used for developing websites. It has a built-in option which enables users to chat with your co-workers. Well, that’s something new! And this comes free of cost.

Features of Cloud9 IDE

As it gives you the option of connecting to programmers all over the world, you can clear your doubts and get it clarified then and there. This feature is very helpful for beginners as it helps them develop their programming skills. Also, as it is basically a cloud software, we can work from anywhere and make our code visible to everyone. It also supports many programming languages. No wonder it bagged the first place.

Adobe Brackets

Just like Cloud9 IDE, this is also an open source software for website development and designing. This tool was also developed by Adobe systems.

Features of Brackets

Brackets evolved out of the conventional programming practice and created a new benchmark in blending the code editor and visual designing tools together. Another useful feature is that we can connect to a local browser using the ‘live file’ option and auto save the code.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Again a web development tool developed by Adobe systems.

Features of Adobe Dreamweaver

There are many exciting features in the Adobe Dreamweaver tool like, you can develop your own website and you can share the website with the help of this tool. It is designed in such a way that, it is directly connected to the internet and provides you information about new features whenever they are released. It also comes up with all the basic and standard features like visual and code editors which highlights the syntax at areas of errors etc., it also checks syntax errors on its own.

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How did these custom software reach such great heights?

Custom Software

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As the list grows, it is a real difficult thing in finding out the best programming tool. Every custom software stand unique in their own and they has to be highlighted and praised for what they are in the technological market. You will be using different custom software for different technologies and might be facing difficulties in finding a brand new one tightly packed with new functionality. Here are few newbies in the market which might impress you:


Modernizr is considered to be a blessing for all JavaScripts developers for whom it was a tragic time in earlier days. The only thing that you have to make sure before starting your implementation work of Modernizr is to have a compatible browser which supports the modifications made in the JavaScripts.

An interesting fact is that many people have confused the “Touch Events” functionality with the Touch Screen functionality in which case both are extremely opposite. Touch events are used to check if your browser provides an extended support to the touch events and not touch screen. Get it cleared guys!

Provision for audio support is another noteworthy feature of Modernizr which helps developers to test whether the browser is compatible enough to support the audio files and if it is o, what are all the formats supported by them.


Here come the most popular programming tools that is most liked by any developer. If you are a user of the Gridset then raise your collar and be proud of it because this tool has been nominated for the App of the year award for the year 2014. An inbuilt technology that helps users to design and experience the feel of using it has made them to reach such great heights.

Some of the key features identified are as follows:

Grid systems are simple or complex in nature, it takes only few minutes for the Gridset to get it created.

Collaborative workflow enhances the accessibility of any grid systems

Managing all the grid systems in a more efficient manner

User satisfaction has been their prime motto and achieved it by providing ease in changing the layouts as and when required.

What are you wondering for? Get this tool into your project and out stand your colleagues.

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Grab your piece of cake – In Search of the Best Programming Tool

Best Programming Tool

Image Courtesy of khunaspix/

If you want to select the best programming tool for your development, it is more critical that you have a clear knowledge on the program tools and that there is no single best programming tool. Once you get over this fact, you can easily choose a tool that best serves your needs. Here are some of the facts to be kept in mind while making the big decision.

Pin point the Best Programming tool based on your platform, needs and utilities

The Platform is nothing but the Operating system and architecture you plan to do your work on. Always be conscious that you may have to change your current platform in future if some unexpected problems occur, and this is very painful owing to all the rework needed and resources wasted. So, the Operating system choice perhaps plays a major role in the programming tool you choose. First analyze your requirements and then choose the right platform. Then settle on your programming software.

Next, think what you want to develop. If you are planning to develop a simple web page use simple tools like HTML. If you want to create applications with a wider range of functionalities then it’s better to settle for programming software powered by Object Oriented Programming. Again under programming tools that support oops you can choose between different tools.

If you want to develop an application with a rich User Interface then choose tools that offer various Design capabilities. If you are more oriented towards performance, quick loading and error handling then choose programming tools with good APIs.

Always be cost effective

Even as some of the best programming tools in the Internet are available free under the GNU Public License or other open-source licenses, most commercial products and have a licensing fee. Of course the commercial products do have the advantage of support and tighter integration with the companies’ other products. But will you need all these features? If you plan to develop a simple web page or service, go for a simpler and cheaper tool. Why to waste money on getting a fully packed piece of software that you will hardly use. On the other hand, if you are planning to develop an ERP or a huge network application, getting the full software package is the better option.

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Creating Objects of Beauty with Unique Program Management Tools

Program Management Tool

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In the event of a new project or requirement, all developers face the question – Which will be the right programming tool for accomplishing my mission? It is kind of confusing given the wide range of program management tools at our disposal. However do not rush in to selecting the optimum programming tool for your project. A careful analysis beforehand can save considerable time and effort at a later stage. Here are some of the questions that need to be answered to determine if the programming tool you choose is a good one.


The ability of a code or a program management tool to easily adapt to changes is called Extensibility. Under changing conditions, we are often loaded with the burden of changing the code and adding new functionality. A highly extensible programming tool, takes less time to adapt the new functionality. This is a very important factor in a programming tool.


This is the most important of all characteristics in a programming tool. The programming tool has to be fast and easy to maintain. The compilation time should be less and the memory occupied should also be less. The tool must load the classes and libraries quickly and must be readily available for programming.

Types of Data supported

I am not talking about the simple data types such as integers, string and floats. Let’s get deeper. There are many kinds of integers like signed and unsigned integers, GUID’s and high precision decimals. Not all programming tools support all kinds of data. So if your project involves using formulas and huge computations, it’s better to check of the tool you choose supports such functions.

Some programming tools also provide the user the ability to access the memory where the data is stored and this is used for various computations. Quite interesting!


Many years back, the computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) tools were the hot tools and many of these tools have reached untouchable heights. This is because CASE tools emphasized design and architecture support, such as UML. The most successful of these tools are IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). This Integrated Development Environments combine the features of many tools into one package. IDEs can be used for developing an enterprise-level application. This is another important feature that a good programming tool must include.

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Redefine Mundane Chores with Smart Programming

Image Courtesy of ratch0013/

Image Courtesy of ratch0013/

Programmers are becoming more educated and operational by using open source tools. As these tools help in proper distribution knowledge of programmers and offer them the liberty in implementing the way they require. There are two methods of revamping the traditional programming tools that consist of Alteration and recompilation. Possibilities of revamping is also an important advantage of open source smart programming tools.

Below are two popular open source smart programming tools available in the market readily:


It is hard to mention about the finest open source tools without stating the name of the software called Eclipse. The IDEs of this open source programmers  tool is well acknowledged and extended, but plug-ins always style it to rejuvenate, this is the reason that Eclipse plug-in is present in every single crucial programming language that is existing in the software environment. For instance some of them are PHP, Ruby, Python, and C they all occur in the Eclipse in every single contented manner; this is thinkable because of its refreshing plug-in centered atmosphere.

It is a multi language software development framework that uses the workplace and plug-in system. Eclipse is mostly developed in Java. It can also be used to develop software packages. It uses plug-ins to support the functionality within the system and on top of the run time processes. Eclipse supports Tomcat, Glassfish, and many other web servers and provides required server directly from the IDE.


Hadoop is an open source toolkit developed in java which splits the whole work into small fragments for better and faster computation on separate servers, then joining them to get the final product. Hadoop can handle different formats of data from disparate systems regardless of its native format structured, semi-structured, unstructured, communication records, log files and emails.

Hadoop is used by large companies that have plethora of data. They avail it to process data; perform techniques to generate analysis and represents reports. These facilities are provided by this intelligent and low cost hardware framework Hadoop.

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Dealing Smartly with Programming Problems

Programming Problems

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Here are few programming problems faced by programmers and solutions to get over:

Most consistent programming problems that programmers face is with neutralizing the user inputs before passing it over to produce the outputs dynamically. If this issue is not taken care of, it will allow the hackers to insert their own code and fetch the necessary malicious data that are highly secured and that are visible only to some set of users.

You can preferably use the OWASP ESAPI Encoding Module or Microsoft Anti-XSS library for generating the neutralized outputs for each inputs. It is always essential to check and understand the relationship between all the methods and components of a tool before even providing the input which will help preventing the hacking of data.

On the other hand, it is a common practice for programmers to have some hidden hard-coded passwords within the system code base which will reduce the work but will increase the vulnerabilities. When these passwords are obtained by the hackers by malicious code, they could corrupt the entire system and bring the site down.

Two ways of authorization validation are readily available in the market – outbound and inbound. In case of outbound, all the passwords are stored in an encrypted format in a highly secured database whereas in case of inbound, all the users are requested to enter a strong and valid pass code for the first time to ensure security. By this manner, the password could be protected and the data within the system as well.

Proper care must be taken while providing the inputs to the methods. Where a numeric value is expected, the same should be provided and not an alphabet. Providing incorrect inputs will result in poor performance of the programming tool and in turn will reduce the efficiency.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to validate all the inputs before providing. But manually validating is highly impossible and this could be automated and made easy with the help of OWASP ESAPI Validation API. This framework when integrated with the programming tools will help in validating the inputs provided in fraction of seconds. It will keep a check on the security as well to some extent though not for the entire system.

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The Prerequisites of being the Best Programmer

Best Programmer

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Writing codes while programming is the process which programmers experience on an everyday basis. The best programmer can be easily distinguished by the way they give names to codes. As the very best names to the variable, attributes, and classes can be given only by knowing everything about the programming and software development. To master this skill, try giving names to elements as a habit. You may result in giving wrong names to the attributes of codes, but in the end you will master this skill by practising it.

Finding an effective and working solution to the problem is the most important skill that a programmer must possess. Developing software entirely depends on finding working solution to the problem. If there are no such problems then there is no such requirement of software. Irrespective of language or technology programmer uses, if the programmer is not efficient in solving problems, then he will be of no use for developing software. And this is the skill where most of the software developers lack. A proficient best programmer devotes time in improving problem solving skill as it is the basic requirement for being the best programmer.

Learning is the most important skill when it comes to being the best programmer. Learning has its own importance in the industry because this is more prone to rapid changes than any other industry. It is impossible to learn each and everything available in the software development, and in the software industry things changes at such a fast pace that, it is impossible to master any one particular skill entirely. That’s why programmer needs to learn swiftly all those skills that are required at particular time for solving problems related to particular project.

With immense range of technology available in the software industry where many program related and various other platform and interface are available, it is critical to find out the areas where any software programmer or developer should invest to be the best programmer.

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Creating that Room for Improvement – Programming Simplified

Programming Simplified

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Though the skills of an individual keeps increasing day by day, there are some loopholes that you might miss out and due to which the speed and performance of the system will be degraded. This programming simplified article mainly focuses on the best practices followed in object creation, designing of methods and classes, exception handling techniques in application layers and also to use the language features in an efficient manner.

Programming Simplified: Most programmers adopt a common practice of creating an object and initializing it immediately once it is created. This is where the pitfall is; its defined that object creation process is too expensive an operation to be adopted properly in programming. In order to improve the performance of system and also to reduce memory consumption, the best practice is to instantiate an object only when it is required. You can create a reference variable to a class and leave it as such or equalize it to NULL so that the memory consumed will be very less. This process is determined as “Lazy Initialization”. In such manner, the cost of any project will vary depending upon the amount of initialization made within a system.

It is always wise to make use of primitive data types than using the Wrapper objects. Since Wrapper objects like Integer, string will consume their own amount of memory size when compared to primitive data types which will consume only around one tenth of that of wrapper objects, using the primitives will improve the performance of a system.

Also in order to compare the values of attributes, you often tend to use the “==”. But this will produce the best results only when used for primitive data types. In case of Wrapper classes, when “==” is used, it will compare only the reference variables and to compare the values, “.equals()” functionality which will produce the best results.

Classes like String are immutable and calling a constructor will create a new object each time it is called. Hence it is a better idea to make use of the internal inbuilt functions readily available within a programming language to attain the same. This will in turn reduce the memory consumption and also the compilation time taken. This is because the inbuilt functions are already stored in Byte format.

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The Parallel World of Programmer Tools Revisited


Programmer tools

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With the help of the right programmer tools, developers can keep a track of all run time systems. Various parallel applications have sectors of performance and this need to be configured to perform in an optimum fashion. Unless an appropriate tool is used, these parallel applications can behave abnormally creating huge discrepancies during the run time. Debugging is critical and these tools have a built in debugger application to control the situation. Sometimes inappropriate run time compression modules have long-term negative effects and use of the tool helps to detect these anomalies.

Today the development industry is using best programmer tools more provocatively to gain substantial leverage in rapid application development, which is now possible. Various aspects of programming are dependent on resources and this becomes the most demanding environment during the development of applications. These tools can be classified in several categories. However, this classification is broad and can be governed on coarse platform of actions. Tools assisting in the programming languages like Netbeans, Eclipse, and many more are available to redefine the programming protocol in the simplest manner.

On the other hand, programming protocols need detailed analysis for several features and best programmer tools help to carry out the analysis. The analytical tools help programmers understand and evaluate the performance vehicle in applications. These applications usually carry multi-thread processes and performance may fluctuate giving undesired results. The threading of processes in a semantic manner is possible by deploying analytical tools in the system mainstream. Performance optimization becomes resourceful and helps developers to get an edge over advantage by controlling the imbalanced performance threads. Similarly, these tools also help in enhancing performance as they offer unanimous platform to develop the threads optimized to perform seamlessly.

The best programmer tools are highly resourceful during their deployment in parallel computing. The tools dedicated for programming in parallel computing have an edge over services to offer. The available scope of the services contains libraries, compilers, error checking scripts, dynamic performance profilers for threading, and various assistants to ensure the error free development of programs. In addition to this, these special tools offer the benefits of simultaneous multi-core processing on several parallel threads. This helps the C, C++, and Visual Studio developers to control their errors during the development.

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